Dance sneakers Boomelight by Sansha
130.00лв. 60.00лв.
FREE DELIVERY FOR BULGARIA!High top sneakers Maximum stability for the foot Great heel support and..
Dance Sneakers DYNA-MESH by Sansha
6 MONTHS FULL WARRANTY!!! FREE SHIPPING!!! Low top sneakersGreat articulationFlexibility a..
Dance Sneakers HI-STEP P40LS by Sansha
These low-top dance sneakers have canvas and suede upper and an air cushion included in the PU spl..
Dance Sneakers Motion 1 P31LS by Sansha
6 MONTHS FULL WARRANTY FREE SHIPPING!!! Low-top dance sneakers Dynamic and sporty look ..
Dance sneakers TUTTO NERO P22LS by Sansha
6 MONTHS FULL WARRANTYFREE SHIPPING!!!Low top dance sneakersDynamic and sporty lookBi thick soles ar..
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